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"I knew Richelle was a great marketer, but a book chock full of all of the secrets to how her agency builds practices effortlessly...  I never thought she would put it all in a book - the best 261 pages I've read in a long time that will transform any practice but also transform your life"  - Jason Zommick, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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  • • The accelerators to ignite your practice
  • • This book - It’s not to get more patients (even though with this book you will) but this book focuses on getting better patients
  • • Better patients mean – more compliant and better paying
  • • The 4Core Fundamentals of The Million Dollar Equation
  • • Expert case studies of our MDE The Agency clients – they include both insurance based practices and cash based practices
  • • HPP – Finding your best “Highly Profitable Procedure”
  • • 5 (five) Keys to find the best target market
  • • 7 Step process to double your practice
  • • Details the best strategies for building a million dollar practice
  • • Follow these 17 MDE Rules for growing the fastest
  • • Debunks the myths of entrepreneurship for physicians
  • • How MDE- The Agency, uses the Million Dollar Equation to explode profits
  • • The #1 design flow of your practice impeding growth
  • • How to make going it alone worth it – while maximizing your time
  • • The FIRST THING I tell all of my brand new private MDE The Agency clients to get them generating instant profits while seeing less patients
  • • The 5 major OLD MEDIA tools that have made generating patients online easier, faster and better than before
  • • My secret 4CORE formula that I use to turn miserable practices into dream money producing and dream lifestyle creating business for their physicians
  • • How to no longer have to negotiate with insurance agencies
  • • How to run your practice automatically and predicting exactly how much you’ll earn daily
  • • Getting your employees to buy into the MDE Action Plan
  • • Example MDE Action Plans from our MDE The Agency clients
  • • The surprisingly small difference between the patients you want to see vs. the patients you are seeing
  • • Why social media is not really as big of a problem as you think it is
  • • How to dominate social media
  • • My favorite media for doctors
  • • How to bullet proof your practice from the NEXT “too good to be true” advertising opportunities
  • • Changing the way your office manager hires with this simple 4 question process
  • • If you’re going it alone – how to work on your practice and get the best leverage
  • • How easy grading tool to determine if you should buy advertising again or run away from it as fast as you can
  • • This book takes care of ending your late night questions and brainstorming sessions wondering What Next
  • • Stuck for ideas? Check out the 87 ways to get unstuck, endless What Nexts to attract your ideal patient
  • • We’re opening up our MDE The Agency playbook showing you all of our agency tricks, tactics and tools

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There is no additional obligation, you get to have in your hands the actual step by step guide to adding another million dollars to your practice. We found that the entrepreneurs who read and implemented the strategies in the original book - The Million Dollar Equation, experienced phenomenal results.  You can see their videos along the side of this page.

This time, I used specific examples from only our private physician clients.  

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